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Young & Ambitious Work Team Drives Us Make Progress All The Way

We are a young, fast growing working team. We are committed to providing our customers with the best flooring products and giving them professional suggestions on flooring selection and installation to make them free from worries.

A worker is drawing lines on SPC flooring planks.

As well know, SPC flooring offers wide range of selection not just on the pattern and design but also various functionality and ways of installation. Some customers may have doubt about how to choose the most cost-effective SPC flooring products for their projects. Our highly-trained floor experts can give you most professional suggestions with their expertise. Besides, we have four sales teams in charge of international trade bushiness. Our customers can get timely reply, professional suggestions and perfect flooring solutions from here.

It is cohesiveness makes team members stick together and remain motivated to accomplish the common goals. We believe that great cohesiveness leads to increased productivity. To enrich team life and enhance team cohesion, we will regular organize team activities to make our members know each other better.

Outdoor Sports Meeting
  • Enhance team awareness and develop communication and collaboration skills.
  • Foster relationship between team members and strengthen their physical fitness.
  • Improve team confidence in challenging tough tasks and cultivate a positive attitude towards work and life.
Our team members are holding the banner of spring sports meeting.
Enterprise Travelling
  • Strengthen planning and communication abilities among team members, increase team awareness and cooperation.
  • Get rid of stress and have a peaceful and relax mind to throw into the next stage of job.
  • Promote mutual understanding and trust and foster team awareness and accountability.
Our team members are taken photos under the green mountain.
New Year Party
  • Create a sense of team unity and increase the team member loyalty.
  • Increase the communication and collaboration between departments and enjoy the fun and relax atmosphere.
  • Increase team engagement, motivation and retention
Our team members and member families are holding the NEW Year party.