Living room with SPC flooring

SPC Flooring with Excellent Dimension Stability and Wear Resistance

In recent year, SPC flooring has been gaining an increasing popularity among all major residential and commercial market segments. From hotels and restaurants to schools, hospitals and more, you might find there is no limit as to where these planks are installed.

What is SPC Flooring?

Short for stone plastic composite, SPC flooring is a new generation of floor covering that combines limestone and stabilizers to create an extremely durable core. It is the most durable waterproof vinyl flooring on the market. It gives a more realistic look and feel of actual wood, stone or ceramic floor. It is generally composed of four basic layers and one optional layer.

The structural decomposition diagram of SPC flooring
The structural decomposition diagram of SPC flooring The structural decomposition diagram of SPC flooring
  1. UV Layer
    • Anti-aging
    • Stain resistance
    • Easy to clean
  2. Wear Resistant Layer
    • Superior wear resistance
    • Decoration layer protection
    • B1 fire retardant
  3. Decoration Layer
    • Wood/stone/woven/carpet options
    • Variation on colors available
    • Exclusive designs available
  4. SPC Vinyl Layer
    • 100% waterproof
    • Super stability for lifetime
    • Great for uneven subfloors
  5. Underlayment Layer (optional)
    • IXPE/EVA options
    • Sound resistance
    • Moisture resistance
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    Eco Friendly

  • SPC flooring 100% waterproof icon

    100% Waterproof

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  • SPC flooring scratch resistant icon

    Scratch Resistant

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    Stain Resistance

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    Sound Insulation

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    Warm Underfoot

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    Easy Cleaning

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    Easy Installation

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    Easy Maintenance

Where Is SPC Flooring Used For?

Featuring by formaldehyde-free and exceptional durability, SPC flooring is a perfect safe floor covering material for both residential and commercial environments, including but not limited to: