Two pieces of ixpe foam underlayment is placed on the flooring.
Accessory . IXPE Foam Underlayment

IXPE Foam Underlayment – Quiet, Comfortable & Waterproof

IXPE foam underlayment can enhance the flooring at waterproof, moisture proof, impact proof and comfortable underfoot. It can be used as the accessory of SPC, LVT flooring and wall panels.

IXPE (Irradiated Cross-Linked Polyethylene) foam is a premium acoustical underlayment, which can be used combined with SPC flooring, LVT flooring, PVC flooring and even wooden flooring. It is made up of ultra fine, high density, closed-cell and cross-linked foam to make the flooring more quite and more comfortable. Besides, it has excellent moisture protection and shock absorption performance to enhance floor experience and extend floor life.

IXPE underlayment is dedicated to our SPC flooring bottom layer, it also can be individually matching other ground or wall coverings.

A piece of SPC flooring is placed on the IXPE foam underlayment.


  • Material: closed cell cross-linked PE foam.
  • Thickness: 1 mm – 6 mm. Popular thickness is 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm.
  • Width: 1–1.5 m, Max. 1.8 m. Popular width is 1.0 m and 1.5 m.
  • Length: 8.45 m, 16.9 m or customized.
  • Colors: black, green, blue, gray, orange and other RAL colors
  • Density: 67 kg/m2, 100 kg/m2 and more.
  • Coating process: PE film, silver film, aluminum foil or others.


  • Moisture Proof. The material is IXPE (Irradiated Cross-Linked Polyethylene), a closed-cell foam, which supplies 100% waterproof and impervious to mildew, mold, rot and bacteria.
  • Sound reduction. Ultra fine and unique structure can supply excellent shock resistance and sound reduction performance.
  • Heat Conductive. IXPE is primarily used as the sound insolation material, it also has good performance on heat conductive, so it also can be used for ground heating in winter.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Non-toxicity, tasteless, very low radiation and 100% recycled.
  • Quick and easy installation. It is simple to die cut, slit and lamination with other material and the installation is easy.

Moisture Proof

Sound Reduction

Comfortable Underfoot

Radiant Heat

Mold Proof


  • The IXPE foam is used as the underlyment of SPC flooring and other ground materials.
  • IXPE foam can be used in the wall panel production as well.

Installation Tips

Clean up the subfloor and make it dry.

Roll out IXPE foam underlayment next to wall.

Roll out next roll IXPE foam underlayment close to the first row (don't overlap). Seal seams with tape. Continue this procedure until the whole floor area is covered.

Install the flooring.

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