Detailed 3D Wall Panel Installation Guide

A man is installing 3D wall panel planks.

Our 3D wall panels come in a variety of textures, designs, patterns and sizes, how to install these wall panels properly is a tough task. Here we list the detailed 3D wall panel installation guide to help you install your 3D wall panels properly.

Specific installation steps are as shown below.

Remove the wallpapers on the walls.
Circular saw is used to cut the wall panel into desired size.
Apply glue on the back of the wall panel.

Step 1 Pre-work with plaster board or plywood is recommended before the construction. Please remove wallpapers on the walls before the construction.

Step 2 Circular saw can be used for cutting.

Step 3 Apply nail free glue on the back of the wall panel.

Use the nail gun to fix the wall panel properly.
Combine the two grooves at the corner.
3D wall panel installation is finished.

Step 4 Wall panel can be installed in both horizontal and vertical direction. Apply air-tacker on the edge of the tongue to hide the pin-marks.

Step 5 For corner, combine the two grooves.

Step 6 Coordinating mouldings can be used for clean and nice finish.